On last night's episode of The Bachelor witchy Courtney played it like Charlie Sheen in terms of bad behavior. She is a mean girl, or at least playing the part of one to a hilt. Ben is on his way to a broken heart if he doesn't OPEN HIS EYES!

Emily, the NICE girl, made the mistake of trying to tell Ben that he is seeing a phony side of Courtney, and that he should WATCH OUT. But Ben got defensive of Courtney and didn't want to hear what Emily had to say. Don't you just want to grab Ben, shake him, and tell him to WAKE UP?!!!

Have you ever been in that situation? Where you are watching someone fall in love with a 'bad girl' or 'bad boy' and no matter how many times you try to delicately warn them, they WILL NOT LISTEN.

Or...have you learned that if you aren't asked for your opinion that maybe you should'nt offer it and let your friend find out the hard way?

As of this week's show, my favorites remain Casey (the one that had the very first date with Ben where they watched home movies of each other as children) and Jennifer, the accountant that went rappelling into a crater with Ben.