Worried about getting the flu? Well that anxiety may make you actually ore likely to  get the flu.

Stress can weaken your immune system and therefore hurt your chances of avoiding the flu. It's just one of many things we all may do to actually increase our chance to catch the flu.

Another thing we do that make us more likely to wind up in bed with a cold or the flu, according to msn.com, is smoking. Yep, smoking cigarettes can damage the little hairs in the nose and lungs that trap those nasty germs.

Did you ever think working out might increase your risk to get the flu or a cold? Well, if done right of course, exercising strengthens you, but over-exercising can do the opposite. If you overdo it, the added stress to your body can leave the door open for illness.

Have you been using hand gel instead of washing your hands, figuring it's more effective? Uh-oh. Some experts say that while the right hand gel is an acceptable substitute when washing hands with soap is not an option, but the most effective way to wash away the germs is good old soap and water.

So, let the battle began. it's the time of year to avoid everybody with a sniffle cough or sneeze, and everything they may have touched. Good luck!