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Manasquan High School Surf Team To Hold Fundraiser
We reported to you the incredible second place finish for the Manasquan High School Surf Team at the National Scholastic Surfing Association's Northeast Championship and now the team is qualified to compete in the National Championship.
Spaz From The Nerds Visits Lou & Liz
Pointsettia Bash is just days away and this morning Spaz from The Nerds made his annual visit to the morning show, and it was hysterical. Especially when Liz called him "Slash".
5 Bars To Watch The Big Game In Monmouth County
As the unofficial 'party girl' of the Point (or resident lush as Matt Ryan likes to say), I've been to my fair share of bars in our area, so if you're feeling the need to be a little social for this year's Big Game, here's 5 great places to watch it.
Just a note: seeing…

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