Top 5 Scenes From National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation [VIDEO]
Christmas is a joyous time of year, but with all the joy comes some craziness. Every year a new Christmas comedy hits the big screen with the hopes of outdoing the greatest Christmas comedy of all time. The reason this movie has stood the test of time is because everyone can relate to it in one way …
Gift Ideas for Someone Difficult to Shop For
My Christmas shopping is finished (Yay!) but lots of people haven't even gotten started yet.
Holiday shopping should be enjoyable, but often winds up being stressful because of difficult to shop for types. Hopefully this will help.
Christmas Decorations: Over The Top Or Subtle? [POLL]
Diane and I backed out of the driveway last night to go grab some dinner, and as we did, we looked over our outdoor decorations. I would call them subtle. Red bows and some lights. Really nice. But I have to admit, as we drove to dinner, it was the over-the-top decorations that were catching my…

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