The Best Apps for Losing Weight
So you've made your New Year's Resolution. This is the year you will finally lose those pounds that have been haunting you forever.
Luckily, technology is here to help you reach your goals.
100 Pounds Overweight, Monmouth Woman Wouldn’t be Weighed Down
While most of the kids in Susan Kleiner’s high school algebra class couldn’t wait for the bell to ring, Susan would have been happy to just keep doing equations. It wasn’t that she was a math whiz, it was that she dreaded what came next: Gym. Susan was 40 pounds overweight and t…
Get Fit! Do The “Jersey Turnpike” [VIDEO]
It's time to feel the burn courtesy of 'Jersey Shore.' And I'm not talking about the burning of your eyes after seeing Snooki first thing in the morning. Thanks to, you can tighten up your glutes Jersey style!