A new shade of Stanley Cup just hit the market, and you know fans are going to be tackling each other in the streets over it.

Stanley Cup

VVegas Golden Knights Win Stanley Cup
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No, not THAT one. THIS one.

Stanley Brand Cup
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The great Stanley Cup, the most coveted trophy in the National Hockey League, has been trumped, overshadowed, eclipsed. Whatever word you choose, these days when someone says the name 'Stanley Cup', they're not thinking about hockey. They're thinking about one of the 2020's hottest trends. A freakin' thermos.

It's Not a Cup, It's a Cult


Thanks to its presence on the social media platforms of influencers, the Stanley brand cup has become the must-have item. Don't even think about being seen at the gym, school, or work without one in hand. Stanley cups have caught on like wildfire, and when a limited-edition color or style gets released, look out.


The gone-viral Stanley brand cup was easily one of the most sought-after gifts on the 2023 Christmas lists of tweens, teens, fitness gurus, and 'It' girls.

Starbucks Stanley's

Early in 2024, Stanley partnered with Starbucks to release a collector's edition of the cup. The collab whipped fans into a frenzy as they stood in long lines outside participating Starbucks stores hoping to get their hands on the limited-edition Stanley.

People fought and tackled each other to nab one while other grabbed as many as they could to (presumably) resell.

Fuchsia is for (Stanley Cup) Lovers

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Why not make Valentine's Day fans go crazy over a new Stanley Cup color so fitting of the sweethearts season?

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Just days before the holiday a blazingly vibrant, Fuchsia-colored Stanley cup entered the chat.

The Stanley 'Fuchsia Quencer' cup is an REI exclusive and only available online.

So, will YOU fall all over yourself trying to get a hold of one?

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