Top 10 Gym Pet Peeves
The warmer weather is a reminder that beach season is right around the corner. As a result, everyone is hitting the fitness floor to get their body beach ready. So, I surveyed 60 college students and asked them about their biggest GYM PET PEEVES.
The Best Time to Buy Halloween Candy
I, like many women, am on a perpetual diet of sorts.
I try not to keep junk food around, because if it's in front of me, I'll be hard-pressed not to eat it.
But it's almost Halloween...which means having candy around is pretty much a requirement. Now what?
Gym Membership Advice
If you are determined to make this the year that you get into shape, but you haven't committed to a gym yet, you're actually right on time!
Biggest Gym Pet Peeve: New Year’s Resolutioners
According to the U.S. Government, two of the biggest New Year's resolutions, year after year, are to 'get fit' and 'lose weight'. I am right there with you, telling myself --THIS will be the year!! -- so trust me, I get it, but as a regular gym goer, there's nothing mor…