According to the U.S. Government, two of the biggest New Year's resolutions, year after year, are to 'get fit' and 'lose weight'. I am right there with you, telling myself --THIS will be the year!! -- so trust me, I get it, but as a regular gym goer, there's nothing more annoying than the January rush at the gym.

No disrespect meant, I fully support you in your quest to get healthy. The thing is, after months of seeing the same faces morning after morning at the gym, equipment open and ready, it's REALLY annoying to now have to wait in line for a treadmill because everyone is on a health kick for three weeks.

The thing is, if you know you're in it for the long haul, then more power to you, and have a great work out. But most of this crowd is in it til MLK day...when they have the day off from work or school, get thrown off their routine, and won't return again until the week before Memorial Day.

If you know this is just a phase and you'll be off the treadmill and back on the couch by February, then please, stay home...'cause I'm gonna be really cranky if I can't get my sweat on.

If you're a really committed newbie and don't want to be lumped in with this crowd, wait til March. The gym is fairly quiet then, you'll have full access to everything you need, and you'll be a fully accepted regular in no time...(and just as annoyed as I am come next January!)

What are your New Year's resolutions? Comment below!