Driving in New Jersey can be a frustrating, infuriating and enraging activity.

Is it necessary to get around the Garden State? Absolutely because using public transportation can be tough and extremely time consuming.

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This isn't New York...thankfully. *Fewf*

I want you to think of your biggest driving pet peeve....your fists just clenched up, didn't they?

We asked and you delivered.

Here are some of the most common driving frustrations according to YOU:

New Jersey's Biggest Driving Pet Peeves According To YOU!

Here are people's biggest driving pet peeves that they deal with while out on New Jersey roads.

But after taking a three month break from driving, I find I have new driving pet peeves developing because people are pissing me OFF on New Jersey roads.

Not sure if I am being too sensitive but MY GOODNESS, enough with the sass.

Let me explain.

There are a lot of places where parallel parking is a must at the Jersey Shore and during a recent incident in Asbury Park, I felt my face turn red.

Let me use visuals so I know my description is clear.


For this story, I am the blue car and the person I have a problem with is in the dark grey car in the photo.

I was visiting an old friend and had to parallel park on the street.

As I was pulling in, I noticed that someone was sitting in their car behind me (aka, the grey car). No big deal...I went along with my day and continued to park....

As I was backing up to make sure my car wasn't bulging out into the street, this woman behind me decides to lean on her horn and honk when I still had at least a foot-and-a-half of space behind me

Like I didn't see her behind me already....

Like I don't have a back up camera in my car alerting me of her car behind me....

Like I would purposely slam on the gas and back up into her vehicle while watching myself do so....


And back up cameras aren't new. They have become a standard feature in manufactured vehicles since 2018.

I know what you're thinking: "Nicole, relax! She just wanted to be sure you didn't hit her vehicle!"

This is not the only place that I have had this set up happen.

Even when reversing in a grocery store parking lot - which usually has people and cars going in and out like crazy - people have honked when I am moving slowly and have more than two feet of empty space from their car.

It's just like....really?

I get it, the horn is there to alert other drivers.

But drivers can also be "Horn Happy" and honk on their horn even when it's not necessary.

It's obnoxious!

I freaking see you, dude!

Okay, rant over. Whether this is an unpopular opinion or not, email me your thoughts to Nicole.Murray@townsquaremedia.com.

Let's just say people are trying my patience on the road these days.

Thank you for reading my rant.

Next time you are out on those New Jersey roads, head somewhere worthwhile so all of this frustration is worth it!

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