We all have our pet peeves, and most of the time we do what good Jersey Shore residents do. We bottle them up, swallow them and let them wreak havoc on our blood pressure. And the smaller the issue, the bigger the headache. But not this time. This time I’m going to vent and let it out. This time these tiny indiscretions are going to see the light of day.


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Here are the two ridiculously small, completely unimportant pet peeves I have that drive me crazy.

Let’s Start With The Bakeries. Bakeries are a place of joy. The sweet treats they provide bring happiness to kids and adults alike. So what bakery pet peeve could I possibly have. It’s that $:&# ripe they use to tie the box.

They tie it like a tourniquet. Like somebody’s like depends on it. Hey guys, you’re not locking a safe at First United Bank of New Jersey. You’re just making sure my danish doesn’t fall on the car floor. I shouldn’t need a serrated edge knife to get to my black and white cookie.

Lou Russo, Townsquare Media

Now We Move On To The Pizzerias. Again, what could possibly get me upset with the people who provide the greatest food ever created in an area that does it better than anyone else? That’s simple. Just use the pizza slicer as a suggestion.

If the slice isn’t fully cut away from the rest of the pie, the cheese slides off the neighboring piece, half of it all lands in the box, and now I am aggravated about pizza. What kind of world is this. And by the way sub shops, stop laughing. I’m not too thrilled about uncut subs either.

Unsplash, Quin Engle

There, I’ve said my piece and maybe someday, somewhere this message will help someone at the Jersey Shore enjoy their food a little more. Now back to not sweating the small things.

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