You Will Fall In Love With These Breakfast Pastries From Sea Girt
Friday morning broadcasts are awesome because I often see a beautiful sunrise, I get to laugh with Lou & Shannon, and our great friend Tom Hayes from New Jersey Natural Gas graces us with his presence. Tom is a great friend and a wonderful representative for NJ Natural Gas. However, it's be…
Must See Graduation Video
Everyone is celebrating the end of this crazy school year and everything that has gone on, it’s hats off to the schools, teachers, parents and kids. You all did a fantastic job getting through this year that was the Covid 19 Pandemic.
I LOVE Long Branch And Found Myself Having To Defend It
Long Branch has long been a favorite spot for my family and friends to meet up and make some memories. It has had such a glow-up in the past couple of years yet I feel like it still doesn't get it's props. I told someone that is where we were hanging out for Father's Day and I got an…
Is That Annoying Buzzing Sound In New Jersey Bugging You?
Depending on which New Jersey town you live in, the current cicada infestation is more prominent than others. In fact, residents in Princeton are getting the brunt of it. Thousands of these red-eyed flying objects have released themselves after 17 years underground and invaded most of Mercer Count…

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