New Year's resolutions

Money Challenge 2016: Week 10
As we wrap up this first week on March, we all have an eye on spring -- that time of year when we think about fresh starts, spring cleaning, blooming flowers and all that goes along with a milder season.
It's a good time to start thinking about 'spring cleaning' your budget too!
Money Challenge 2016: Week 9
With another birthday here, I should probably reflect on what I've learned in the last year or something, right?
I have no interest in being all philosophical, but I will tell you one thing this challenge has taught me. Even on special occasions, keep saving.
Money Challenge 2016: Week 8
Today is my big brother's birthday, and mine is just a week away, and it really got me thinking about the idea of saving over time...and how this money challenge can really help you save big if you stick with it!
Let's break it down:

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