Episode 47 of '94 Seconds With Nicole' is all about getting you back on track to achieve your goals!
Statistically, a majority of you reading this right now have already given up on those New Years Resolutions.
So....we brought in a few experts from The Atlantic Club in Manasquan to re-inspire you so you can get back on track!
Introducing our experts:
  • Robin Lynch, a Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist at the Atlantic Club
  • Lisa Kavitt, a Personal Trainer at the Atlantic Club

Both of these beautiful ladies took some time to teach us some very simple diet and exercise tips that actually make a HUGE difference when it comes to the most common New Years Resolution out there: weight loss.

Plus, the Atlantic Club has a lot of additional tools that help which include Nutritional CounselingPersonal Training and various programs! (which are listed below)

Atlantic Club Programs: 

HEALTHYCare Program - a Nationally Certified Fitness Professional and Registered Dietitian guides each class through 13 weeks of Nutrition, Exercise, Stress Management and Behavior Change Skills.

Delay The Disease - A Parkinson's Exercise Program - an evidenced-based fitness program designed to empower those living with Parkinson’s disease by optimizing their physical function and helping to delay the progression of symptoms.

Exercising With Cancer Program - improve your well-being by participating in our Cancer Exercise Program, lead by Nationally Certified Personal Trainers who are ACSM Certified Cancer Exercise Specialists. Physician release is required for participation in this program.

Physician Referred Exercise Program - a guided introduction to exercise where participants meet with certified fitness professionals in small groups twice per week for 60 days.

Plus, a lot of these tips can be applied to other New Years Resolutions that apply to other areas of your life! So good luck and remember, it is never to late to jump back on the horse and get going again!

Thank you to Kristin for your help with this episode!


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