The warmer weather is a reminder that beach season is right around the corner. As a result, everyone is hitting the fitness floor to get their body beach ready. So, I surveyed 60 college students and asked them about their biggest GYM PET PEEVES.

Here is their top 10 list of annoying gym habits:

  • 10

    People who are not dressed in proper fitness attire

  • 9

    People who bring their large gym bags on the gym floor

  • 8

    People who drop weights on the ground

  • 7

    People who grunt loudly while weight-training

  • 6

    People who wear too much perfume/cologne

  • 5

    People who do not allow you to “work in” or share equipment

  • 4

    People who want to talk to you for long periods of time

  • 3

    People who stare at you while you work out

  • 2

    People who do not wipe down the machines and benches

  • 1

    People who occupy equipment but they are not using it

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