Obama and Romney Swap Hair? [PHOTO]
This is about as political as I'm going to get, but I couldn't resist sharing this pic. See if Obama had Romney's hair or Romney had Obama's hair, if it would change your mind.
Cures for Oily Hair at the Crown
Sometimes hair can really drive you crazy. Jean writes in on behalf of her daughter, who is having trouble with her hair getting oily at the crown.
Salon Kokopelli co-owner and hairstylist Mary Ball has a couple of suggestions and solutions with this week's beauty secret!
Hair Color for Very Sensitive Skin Sufferers
Salon Kokopelli is all about looking and feeling your best. Katherine is Jackson is dealing with Lupus and wants to color her hair but can't chance a bad skin reaction.
Koko co-owner Mary Ball says Katherine has several options!
Coloring and Covering Gray Hair With Dark Roots
Gray hairs can ruin anyone's day...and they can be a pain to cover up. Denise is Jackson is sick of having to deal with dark roots and having to color her hair every six weeks. She's looking for an alternative and Salon Kokopelli co-owner and hairstylist Mary Ball has an answer!

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