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The Best People Watching?
Summertime and the people watching at the beach is at its prime. But, “The Battle of the Beaches” is on and only one Ocean County town can take the title!
What Beach Has the Best Sunset?
There are so many amazing places to checkout a Jersey Shore sunset. But, "The Battle of the Beaches" is on and only one Ocean County and one Monmouth County town can take the title!
Best Parking?
Another week, another round of Battle of the Beaches. This is where you show your Ocean County beach pride! Last week we asked you to vote for the O.C. beach with the best scenery. You say it's...
What O.C. Beach Has the Best Scenery? [POLL]
Another week, another round of Battle of the Beaches. Lavallette has been on a roll sweeping the last three categories. Was the beach town able to earn the distinction of having the best food in Ocean county? The votes are in, and the winner is...
The Most Family Friendly Beach?
In the first round of "Battle of the Beaches," we asked you what your favorite beach in Monmouth and Ocean counties. Laurie Cataldo is covering the Monmouth sand and I'm taking care of Ocean. The votes have been tabulated and Ocean Counties' favorite beach is...