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Top 10 Gym Pet Peeves
The warmer weather is a reminder that beach season is right around the corner. As a result, everyone is hitting the fitness floor to get their body beach ready. So, I surveyed 60 college students and asked them about their biggest GYM PET PEEVES.
Top 5 Jersey Shore Beach Pet Peeves
You finally get the perfect day. It's not too hot, the ocean is warm and you're off to your spot on the beach. You're looking forward to a nice, relaxing peaceful day when one of these things happen.
Gas Station Pet Peeve
So I know I'm not the only one excited to see gas below $3/gallon (still too high!!) but last night while I was filling up at the gas station, something happened that just really annoyed me.
‘I Forgot My Phone’ Viral Video Parodies Cell Phone Use
I know I'm not the only one who has found myself so busy staring at my phone that I tune out the world around me...and I'm certainly not the only one who has seen others doing the same thing.
One actress made a short film to show just how smartphone-obsessed the world has become, and it, al…
The Worst Things Ever
You know you've said it:
'Ahh! That's the worst thing ever!!'
Nine times out of ten, it is in fact NOT the worst thing ever, but we feel your pain regardless. Here's a collection of some of our personal not-so-favorites:
When Is Too Late (Or Early) To Call/Text? [POLL]
It's definitely happened to finally fall asleep and **ring** **ring**. You wake up in a stupor trying to figure out what that sound is, squint at the clock, and groggily answer the phone.
"Hello?" "Oh...were you sleeping?" "IT'S 3 A.M.!…
Grammar Pet Peeves [POLL]
*Nerd Alert*: A heated discussion has broken out on a friend's Facebook page about...punctuation. (We're a rowdy bunch!) One of her biggest peeves is when people only leave one space at the end of a sentence instead of two. I was always taught to leave one space! So who's right?
Biggest Gym Pet Peeve: New Year’s Resolutioners
According to the U.S. Government, two of the biggest New Year's resolutions, year after year, are to 'get fit' and 'lose weight'. I am right there with you, telling myself --THIS will be the year!! -- so trust me, I get it, but as a regular gym goer, there's nothing mor…

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