power outages

NJ’s Disaster Information Access Act [AUDIO]
On Thursday, the Assembly Homeland Security and State Preparedness Committee is scheduled to consider a bill focused on letting residents and business owners know when their lights will be turned back on following power outages.
I Will Never Take The Light Switch For Granted Again
I walked over to the light switch yesterday to turn it on and I hesitated. During the power outage, I was trying to train myself to not bother hitting the switch, since it wasn't working anyway. Since the outage lasted so long, I'm finding myself having to remind myself that it I…
Snow Play is Dangerous After Hurricane Sandy
The Jersey Shore got covered in heavy snow just barely a week after Hurricane Sandy, with some places like Toms River seeing a foot of the white stuff.
Naturally, the kids want to run out and play...but it's not exactly safe this time around.