Grilled Watermelon Salad [RECIPE]
It's National Watermelon Day, and sure, you can simply indulge in a regular slice of it, but why not go a step further by creating a watermelon cocktail, or whipping up one of my favorite summer recipes: Grilled Watermelon Salad!
Easy Slow Cooker Pulled Pork [RECIPE]
When it comes to cooking dinner, I'm sure most of us feel easy is best, but that doesn't mean it can't taste great AND be healthy!
This recipe is a staple for Duzzy and me, and I'm sure it'll be a favorite in your house too!
Easy Chocolate Chip Muffins [RECIPE]
I was bored last night, so I decided to bake something...looking around my kitchen I thought about what I could make with what I had...and decided to whip up some chocolate chip muffins.
They came out really well, so I figured I'd pass the recipe along!
Slow Cooker Orange Chicken and Ginger-Peanut Slaw [Recipe]
I got a Crock-Pot slow cooker for Christmas and have been using it like crazy to make dinner. It's nice to come home from work and know that dinner is pretty much ready to go.
Yesterday's meal had Duzzy going for seconds and asking if it was easy to make -- man code for 'please make th…
Easy Summer Barbecue Grilled Vegetables Recipe
July 4th is upon us, and hopefully you'll be spending it with family and friends. Most summer holidays are spent at my house, with Mama C. cooking up some of her standard delicious grilled delights.
One of my favorites? Grilled veggies. Here's the super simple recipe.

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