My Sunny Afternoon At The Dentist
Yesterday, the sun was shining, children were riding their bikes, birds were chirping and the Jersey shore was buzzing with that beautiful day feeling that only happens around here. At least that's what I was told.
The Groundhog Was So Very Wrong!
Back on February 2nd, a little groundhog you may have heard of was pulled from a hole in the ground in Pennsylvania and asked to predict when spring would arrive. Boy was he wrong.
What’s the First Sign of Spring at the Jersey Shore?
I know it's still February and we're not out of the winter woods yet, but this weather certainly has me, and many others, thinking about spring. I love it because nothing's better than nice weather at the Jersey Shore, and it means summer is right around the corner. For me, the first sign of spring …
Why Christmas Music Seems Wrong When It’s 72 Degrees Out
I hate winter. The cold, the snow, the darkness...it's the worst. If I could live anywhere in the world...it would probably be San Diego. Why? It's pretty much 75 and sunny all year round. Sounds pretty perfect to me! But after getting a taste of that today, I wonder if I might actually EN…