Well, if you missed it last week, I introduced you to my Grandpa with his thoughts on baseball.

This week we're talking the key to a good meal...and I realize that my status as the Point's Resident Lush may have something to do with the genes!

I was able to capture this conversation for all of you to hear, but there are some basic things to take with you.

The key to a good meal?

Usually something simple is better than something fancy. You don't wanna make a gourmet meal -- sometimes it don't come out right, you might not have the right ingredients and all that."

When it comes to seasoning?

I usually use garlic.  I use, on occasion, turmeric...cayenne pepper is what I use. I don't use black pepper."

When I asked him about wine?

Well that's a must."

Amen, Grandpa. Amen.

Listen in and you'll find out how he throws together a quick dinner and get his recipe for drunken cherries. (I highly recommend them on some vanilla ice cream.)

Grandpa Dom is 92 years young, and after living most of his life in Brooklyn, has been living in Manalapan for nearly 20 years. He’s an Army vet, worked as a butcher for many years, then worked as a technician for the US Postal Service. A widower, a father of two, grandfather of four, great-grandfather of one…he’s the man.

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