This year is the year for you to join so many others at the Jersey Shore, and take the Valentine Plunge! And it's for a great cause, so how could you say no?

The Valentine Plunge, an event to help patients with ALS will take place Saturday February 8th in Manasquan. Registration is open right now, so become a "plunger" this year! And even if you don't take the plunge yourself, there are many ways you can make a donation to help this worthy cause.

You can make a donation to a "plunger", you can make a donation directly to the Joan Dancy and PALS (People with ALS) Foundation, or, of course, you can register for the Valentine Plunge yourself!

We thank Jim O'Neill, Chairman of the Valentine Plunge, and Sean Magovern, Executive Director of the Joan Dancy and PALS Foundation, for joining us on Lou & Liz today this morning to give us all the details on a fun event for a terrific cause. Good luck to all the "plungers"!