May is here, but every time I start getting excited about summer at the Shore, I get that bad feeling in my stomach thinking about all the people still suffering due to Sandy.

I met a family not too long ago who are still living with relatives, still having their home repaired and still dealing with reminders all around them of the devastation that was and is Sandy, even six months later. It's a scenario still being played out in towns all over Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

So, when we get a beautiful day, or hear of some good news about progress about boardwalks or other landmarks around the Shore, I start by feeling happy and then quickly go back to that sad feeling, because we really are far from having Sandy truly behind us.

Frankly, I'm not sure how to feel. I love summer at the Shore and we really need to have a good one. But I don't think this summer is going to be the same as past summers in our mind. Why should it be, though, when nothing will really ever be the same again.

I know we'll do what we always do in New Jersey. We'll tough it out, we'll stick together and we'll come back even stronger. But it doesn't mean this won't be the summer of mixed emotions here at the Jersey Shore.