Sometimes Mondays can be a tough day to get inspired to do anything, but if you knew you could help kids battling cancer, that would certainly inspire you, right?

It is amazing how generous the great people of Monmouth and Ocean Counties are. No matter what the circumstances and what the financial situation, they come through for their neighbors in need.

The Childhood Leukemia Foundation has a terrific website which shows you just how easy it is to lend a helping hand. There's a great line on their website that really says it beautifully, " CLF enlists the help of ordinary people to make a difference in the lives of the extraordinary children we serve every day."

Please visit the Childhood Leukemia Foundation website to get all the details on this great organization and visit their Get Involved page to see all the different ways you can help.

It's something that can turn this from a bland day to a meaningful Monday.