A good portion of my Facebook newsfeed is cluttered with folks complaining about the sudden influx of 'fair-weather soccer fans.'

You could say, I'm guilty as charged. Except I'm not. And here's why.

The World Cup is all about showcasing the world's best athletes on one stage...quite like the Olympics.

Am I an aerial skiing fan outside of the Winter Games? No. When's the last time anyone watched a curling match? That's what I thought.

Do I watch soccer outside of the World Cup? No, but when the best of the best are competing in a tournament, when there's more on the line, the action intensifies. The games are more exciting, and it's fun to cheer on your country's team.

Plus, stuff like THIS becomes popular! (Yes, it's an ad, but whatever, unedited trick shots!)

The extent of my knowledge of players on the U.S. men's national team? There's Zusi, the hot guy with the long hair, Geoff Cameron, the hot guy who's mouth is always either agape or semi-pouty, John Brooks, the hot guy who scored against Ghana with a crazy header off a corner kick...oh and Jozy Altidore, the hot guy who just pulled his hamstring (sad face.)

The extent of my knowledge of players on other teams? Cristiano Ronaldo. Are you sensing a theme? (I can't help it! So much eye candy!!)

Oh helllooooo, Graham Zusi! (Kyle Rivas, Getty Images)

Regardless, you can't help but feel pride when your team wins, so yes, I'm hopping on the World Cup bandwagon.

That said, I will do my best to not be a pest to year-round soccer fans. I may ask the occasional question, since most of what I learned about soccer was from my days on Marlboro Rec teams, but I will try not to be annoying about it. I will not claim to be the world's biggest soccer fan, but I will enjoy the World Cup.

If that annoys you?

Quit your bitchin'. I'm tryin to watch the game.