I found a new spot that you have to see at least once...what is it?

Revel in Atlantic City. The place is ridiculous.

I had an appearance there yesterday with the Point Crew and got to see it for the first time, and let me tell you, it's really cool.

Full disclosure, I'm a fan of going to Atlantic City - I love going for a nice dinner, a night at the club, and of course, my favorite penny slots.

I know the surrounding area is lousy, but that's another reason to dig this place - you never have to leave the property.

It has plenty of beautiful rooms, a spa, a pool (and pool bar!!), a ton of restaurants, a nightclub (opening this weekend), shopping in The Row, a concert venue, and of course, all the gaming you could ask for.

The decor is contemporary...upscale with a little edge.

It's definitely a little confusing at first, because the place is huge, but there are resort maps available to help you find your way around.

My only complaint is how ridiculously expensive this place is. Short of taking out a small loan, I don't know that I'd ever be able to actually stay at Revel, but it's definitely worth going to at least once for dinner/gambling/partying.

It's definitely a high end place, and Atlantic City, for once, felt a bit like Vegas.

I also got to talk to Chef Jose Garces yesterday, who gave me the scoop on the some of the restaurants at Revel.

For my foodies, he recommends the fish tacos at the Taco Truck and also the Whiskey King burger at Village Whiskey.

What's the one dish he says you HAVE to try though?

Check out the interview to find out (it's definitely NOT something I would have expected!):

What are your must-see places at the Jersey Shore? Tell us below!