Memorial Day Weekend is here. We have the "best" ice cream places at the shore.

I remember growing up and coming to the shore every summer and the ice cream was always the best. I'm not sure if it was the beach, boardwalk, salt air, or what it was, but the taste beat anything we had at home in Pennsylvania.

Now that I love it here, I still love it, probably more than I loved it then. It's a summertime "thing" here in Ocean County and I can't wait to grab my first cone of the season. Especially when you're hot and it will cool you down on a summer day or evening. I know you agree with me, is there anything better than licking your favorite flavor, while sitting on a bench on the boardwalk.

Natalia Pyzhova, Getty Images
Natalia Pyzhova, Getty Images

Ice cream brings everybody together. Families love it, friends love it, and dogs love it (just make sure it's vanilla). If I ask my friends where their favorite place for ice cream they will all have an answer. They'll tell me the place in Ocean County, the flavor that they love, and if it's dipped in anything.

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I know exactly what I love when getting my favorite flavor. I love chocolate covered in chocolate jimmies (sprinkles), on a sugar cone, "please."

So, I asked you, "Where's your favorite ice cream spot in Ocean County?" You App- chatted me through our 92.7 WOBM App and you emailed me your favorites. Bring on spring and summertime at the Jersey Shore. The 10 best ice cream spots chosen by you in Ocean county:

10 Best Ice Cream Places in Ocean County, NJ

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