New Jersey is the best, especially in the summer with the beach and boardwalk, but what about winter? CHECK these out, you're going to hopefully love them.

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10 Fabulous Things to do in the Winter in New Jersey

So many of you wrote me and gave me these great ideas and I can't thank you enough. Ice Skating was also on the list and I have to agree, this is always fun.

Winter can be fun in New Jersey with so many little quaint New Jersey shore towns and most lights are up all year round. From Cape May to Smithville and so many more towns north, we have the best state for visiting in the summer, fall, spring, and winter.

The American Dream Mall looks amazing. So many of my friends have gone and they tell me all about it. There is something for everyone in this mall. From kids to Mom and Dad and Grandma, it seems amazing. It's a long day at the mall so get ready and there's a lot to do so that means money and more money Mom and Dad.

New Jersey has the best drive-through Christmas light spectaculars from Six Flags drive-through and PNC Bank Arts Center drive-through. They're both amazing and the family will love them. Bring some snacks and have fun.

One of my favorite places to visit at Christmastime is Cape May. It is absolutely beautiful this time of year from the winery to the shopping. It is a beautiful small New Jersey town to visit all seasons, but Christmas time is gorgeous.

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