New Jersey has many beautiful beach towns, but did you know that one of them is among the oldest beach towns in the entire nation?

One of the great attractions of New Jersey is our amazing Jersey Shore. Thousands upon thousands of tourists visit our beaches each summer.

The Oldest Beach Town In American History

Did you know that one of the Garden State's most popular beach towns is also among the oldest beach towns in the nation?

According to a report at Veranda, the legendary New Jersey beach town of Cape May is among the seven oldest beach towns in America.

To be more specific, this gem of a Victorian-era town is the oldest beach town in the nation.

New Jersey Tops The Oldest Beach Town List

We love to go to Cape May, and people as far back as 1766 were packing up and heading to this small piece of beach paradise.

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It doesn't take a mathematical genius to figure out that was even before our nation was officially a nation.

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I wonder if visitors to Cape May in 1766 had trouble finding a parking spot for their horse-drawn wagon.

This New Jersey Town Has Been A Destination For Centuries

Other beach towns became popular in the 1800s, but no beach town came before Cape May, and that is another reason to make the town the source of pride for New Jersey residents.

We think it's time you make plans to head to the historic, beautiful Victorian town of Cape May this summer.

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