We thought it would be fun to find out which adult beverage was the top one in New Jersey, and now the results are in.

The residents of New Jersey deserve an adult beverage after a long, hard work week more than any other state in America.

The Favorite Adult Beverage In New Jersey

We work hard, and we play hard as well. Did you ever wonder which type of alcoholic beverage was the most popular in New Jersey?

We did an informal survey to get some insight into the topic, and we have some results that will interest you and might even surprise you.

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There is no real surprise with the #1 answer. New Jersey loves our wine. 39% of New Jersey residents chose wine as their go-to adult beverage.

#2 Is The Biggest Surprise

We were surprised with the drinks that made # 2 and #3 on the list. You might think second place went to beer, but a cold brew came in at #3.

So, what was the adult beverage that makes #2 on New Jersey's list of favorite adult beverages?

Aside from wine, more people said Tito's than any other alcohol, including beer, and we were surprised by that.

The breakdown by percentage in our informal survey went like this.

New Jersey's Favorite Adult Beverage

Wine (all types) 39%

Tito's 22%

Beer (all types) 14%

We were most surprised that only about one in seven New Jersey residents chose beer as their favorite drink type. Maybe they should expand the football season by a few games to increase that number

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