This may surprise some New Jersey residents, but the Garden State is the second safest state in America after dark.

Sometimes we turn on the news and wonder if we see the bad news. In most cases that is completely true.

How Safe Is New Jersey At Night?

But some news about safety for Garden State residents has been revealed by the website North Jersey, and it's a little surprising. New Jersey is the second safest state in America after dark.

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If that news knocked you off your seat, wait until you hear the only state in America considered safer than the Garden State.

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The study says that New York is the safest state in America after dark. Yes, that New York. The one right over the bridge or across the tunnel.

It's Good News, But...

Suzuki Law Offices did the study, and for residents, it comes as a bit of a shock, even though it represents some good news for all of us.

If you spend a lot of time in New York City, you know that crime has been a major problem there, as it is in cities throughout New Jersey, but it seems that both states' beautiful suburbs sent us soaring to the top of this list.

The results were based on many factors and included statistics on victim and society-related crimes, as well as the ratio of residents to law enforcement officers.

It's good news for all of us, but is it really how we feel? I'm sure not everyone does.

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