You often don't realize how popular your baby's name is until after they enter preschool or kindergarten and there are 5 kids in the class with the same name.

Or maybe you realized it a little sooner when you were at the park and you called for your child and 5 other kids turned around.

Certain names are way more popular than others. It's interesting to see the different trends when it comes to baby names.

The Social Security Administration just released the most popular baby names in 2023. reports that this year marks the 7th year in a row that Liam has topped the list for boys’ names. It is also the 5th consecutive year that Olivia has topped the list for girls’ names.

There's so much to consider when choosing the perfect name. Are you looking for a more traditional name or trendy? Or maybe you're naming your baby after a family member or there's a name you love from your favorite TV show.

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You can read more about the latest baby name trends for this year. Read More: New Jersey! The Latest Baby Name Trends For 2024

This is the first year Mateo was in the top 10 and Mia moved up 2 spots since last year.

The Most Popular Baby Names In New Jersey

Top 10 Baby Girl Names

1. Olivia

2. Emma

3. Mia

4. Sophia

5. Isabella

6. Charlette

7. Ava

8. Amelia

9. Madison

10. Leah

Top 10 Baby Boy Names

1. Liam

2. Noah

3. Lucas

4. Joseph

5. Michael

6. James

7. Jack

8. Jacob

9. Luca

10. Ethan

Illegal Names You Can't Name Your Baby in New Jersey

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Top 20 Baby Names in New Jersey

Every year we find out the top baby names in each state. Here are the top ten names for boys and girls in the state of New Jersey. I don't know about you, but number one, for both, is really good.

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