15 New Jersey Counties Ranked As The Best To Live In, You Agree?
I live in Monmouth County and I work in Ocean County, I have everything I need. After spending many years living in many unique states, I think the Jersey Shore is one of the best places to live in the country. We have awesome local businesses, wonderful restaurants, beautiful beaches, and fun night…
Why Most Jersey Shore Parents Deserve A Pat On The Back
In the news world, "bad news is good news." On a daily basis, we see a ton of negative news headlines because media outlets know those stories will generate viewership and revenue. To be honest, I hate it... This article is the exact opposite - GOOD NEWS IS GOOD NEWS!
The Best And Worst Schools In The Nation See Where NJ Ranked
I came across a 2021 list of the best and worst schools in the nation. How do you feel about the education you got growing up here in Jersey? Were you more or less prepared for the world than people you know from other states? It's funny, I think we assume that we have a stellar school system…

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