We Sit Down With Fox News' Dr. Nicole Saphier To Talk Motherhood

Mother's Day is fast approaching and we have a fantastic interview all about Mom's and our memories and feelings for Mom. Mother's Day is Sunday, May 12th and just in time for Mom's big day we have Dr.Nicole Saphier from Fox News' who has just published a book that is all about Mom entitled "Love, Mom" Dr. Saphier, a current New Jersey resident, hopes you enjoy the stories of "motherhood".



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Love, Mom
Shawn Michaels


Listen To My Interview with Dr. Saphier Below



Inspiring words about motherhood, a perfect read for this Mother's Day. According to Fox News Books, "In this inspiring celebration of motherhood, FOX News medical contributor and mom of three, Dr. Nicole Saphier, shines a light on the magic of maternal love. Discover a remarkable collection of powerful first-person stories from the most extraordinary moms in the FOX News family and beyond."



We asked you at home "What Do/Did You Love About Your Mom?" 

Susan: That laughter

Janet: She was MY Mom!!!

Cheryl: Everything

Gerri: My mother was a supermom and paved the way for today's mentally challenged kids on education. She was fierce and loyal and loved unconditionally and I can only hope to be half the mother she was

John: The thing which I loved the most about my Mother is the fact that she overcame so much sorrow and adversity, and with her faith in GOD. she had the drive and intestinal fortitude to be an outstanding parent to me. You see, my Mother's firstborn, my older brother Bobby, died of cancer when he was eight and I was four. Though she and my Dad had to endure great sorrow after Bobby succumbed to cancer, my Mother's faith in GOD provided her with both the strength and the determination to raise me as GOD wanted for her to raise me. I shall forever love and praise my Mother for all that she endured and had to surrender in order to raise me in accordance with GOD'S Devine plan. AMEN Thank you, Mom! You were the very best Mother that any child could ever ask for.

Carolann: Everything

Loretta: Her Strength

Jo Ann: My mom was beautiful!!! I hope I got her looks!!!!

Jean: Everything

Wanda: Everything. She was my best friend and the best peacekeeper. (Constant narcissistic issues with a sister in law. Fate worse than death).

Chris: The way she always said yes

Cindy: The way she always took care of me even when I became an adult.

Gail: Her Strength, her compassion, her never giving up. I miss my Mom always

Marilyn: Everything about her I miss her so much

Patricia: Everything

Michelle: Everything! She was the best!

Linda: Not enough time or words to say! She was totally selfless!

Patti: Everything

Douglas: Everything

Evelyn: Caring attitude

Sandra: Everything of course. However, no matter how old I got or where she lived when I was with her it always felt like home.

Martin: Yeah, every little thing she did was magic . . .

Cyndy: Just all of her!

Joe: Everything

Frank: Everything

Pamela: She was kind!

Tracy: She was a kind, giving, warm soul who loved Disney and let her inner child show. I lost her 4 years ago and miss her every day.

Jack: Everything

Evelyn: Everything! I miss her so much!

Debra: My mom was both Mom and Dad. Kind, and loving, she raised 6 children in her own. She is a strong mom!

Nancy: Everything she was my rock I'm so blessed to have had her in my life for 89 wonderful years....I miss her so very much

Those are just some of your comments and we thank you for all your loving thoughts of your Moms. I am lucky to still have my Mom who will be 86 in June. She has always been the kindest person I have known and she did so much to make our lives better. She does still owe me a pot roast, but that's a story for another time. I also want to say thank you to my Wife April who was the best Mom to our kids and always puts her family first. Our kids are an example of her great parenting and like her, they are great people too.


Happy Mother's Day


Dr Nicole Saphier
Canva/Fox News



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