Comfort food makes you feel so many different emotions.

Many will feel happy, comfortable, safe, nostalgic, and most often, full.

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I always thought that "comfort food" had a southern connection.

While many comfort foods are southern staples, it turns out that the term "comfort food" was first used in a newspaper article in the Palm Beach Post in 1966.

I know if I've had a tough day and I'm searching for some satisfaction, there's one meal that I'll instantly go to.


Who doesn't feel better after a bowl of mac and cheese? Isn't macaroni and cheese the unofficial comfort food of America?

A quick cup from Wawa will always please me when I'm in a rush. I'm partial to homemade mac and cheese baked with breadcrumbs on top, though.

Why are all of the best comfort foods loaded with carbs?


Mashed potatoes are another comfort food that will brighten even the worst of moods, but as I said, they may not be the healthiest for you.

Mashed cauliflower isn't terrible, but it's just not the same.

When mentioning comfort foods I can't leave out sweets. One of the biggest comfort foods of all time will often give you a sugar rush.


Long day? Heartbreak? There's nothing a pint of Ben & Jerry's can't fix.

Foodie website Lovefood traveled across this great country of ours seeking out the establishments that serve the best comfort foods.

Not surprisingly, they found a legendary eatery here in New Jersey that always leaves people happy.

Chicken and waffles are a popular menu item at this Jersey diner.

Fluffy pancakes, french toast, and omelets are also crowd pleasers.

Another day, another award for Tops Diner in East Newark. Tops was named the best restaurant for comfort food in Jersey.

Tops is used to the recognition. This famous diner has won many awards over the years and is beloved by the community.

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