I hope we can get through this without arguing, but that's not likely. Especially with New Jersey's best Italian restaurant being the topic.

A major publication has released its list of the best Italian restaurants in each state. In most states, that's no big deal.

No Food Is More Beloved In New Jersey Than Italian Food

But in this state, few things are a bigger deal. Everyone in this state has a strong opinion on which Italian restaurant is the best.

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And here's the problem. Lots of us would be right no matter what our opinion is. There are simply that many great Italian restaurants here in the Garden State.

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But it is always fun to hear what someone has to say about an awesome New Jersey Italian restaurant, and if we haven't been there, we certainly want to give it a try.

Our Choice Is Different Than The Experts

My vote would be for an amazing little place in Point Pleasant called Graziano's. It's awesome and it's been family owned since 1966.

So, which Italian restaurant do the people at 24/7 Wall St. think is the absolute best in the Garden State?

Here's a hint. Get ready for the glitz, glamour, and fun of an evening in the legendary Atlantic City.

The Best Italian Food In New Jersey Is Revealed

According to these experts, the top Italian Restaurant is an amazing place called Cafe 2825, and frequent customers rave about it.

This awesome restaurant has that incredible family feel and an outstanding southern Italian-style menu.

You can try incredible dishes Spedini ala Romana, the amazing Veal Rollatini ala Tiana, or the Chicken Clemente. And that's just the tip of the iceberg with this amazing menu.

If you want to give it a try, it's located at 2825 Atlantic Ave. in Atlantic City.

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