We are good at many things here in New Jersey and spewing out a colorful series of consecutive curse words is clearly among them. So what is New Jersey's top curse word?

Living in the Garden State normally offers many excellent reasons for us to suspend our normally excellent vocabulary and replace it with some of the most passionate curses you'll ever hear.

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The data was reported in Word.Tips, and they used tweets to determine each state's top curse, and the one that best represents New Jersey might surprise you.

It's Not The Curse You're Thinking Of

We're not going to print the actual curse, but if you think it's the one that starts with the same first letter as words such as "friendly" or "fantastic", you would surprisingly be wrong.

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New Jersey's top curse ironically starts with the same first two letters as the universal sound for being quiet, "shhh". That makes sense. I bet we've all said it at least once today.

Our delicate balance of horrendous drivers and poor road conditions is the perfect natural environment for curses to cultivate in our souls and travel ever so rapidly through our system, finally making a hasty exit right out of our mouths.

We Have Plenty Of Reasons To Curse In New Jersey

And if the traffic isn't what inspires you to cure like a sailor, sitting down to do your bills in the Garden State will do the trick. One look at the price of everything can send curses out of you like water from a garden hose.

We won't even get into all the other reasons for cursing in the Garden State, but this might be a good time to shout out the boss. We know there is some foul language regarding work being thrown around New Jersey, too.

You should stop reading this and return to $#%@!!!! work now.

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