Living in New Jersey, we all have our favorite diner and favorite go-to diner order.

Whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you probably already know what you're ordering without even looking over the menu because you ordered it the last time you were there and the time before that!

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The good food and friendly atmosphere keep you coming back.

I recently asked on social media, "What's New Jersey's go-to diner order?"

My favorite is the Western Omelet. The filling includes onions, diced ham, bell peppers and cheese. Delicious! Definitely my go-to!

What's yours?

New Jersey loves pork roll and disco fries. Those were the two recurring answers I got when I asked on Facebook.

Here are some more...

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New Jersey's Go-To Diner Order

  • "Steak and eggs"
  • "Eggs & bacon"
  • "Bacon Cheeseburger"
  • "Turkey club and disco fries"
  • "Greek salad"
  • "Turkey Rueben"
  • "Western omelet w/American cheese, extra crispy homefries"
  • "Pork roll and cheese on a hard roll side of potatoes"
  • "Veggie omelet or pork roll egg and cheese on a roll"
  • "Grilled cheese and fries or pancakes and hashbrowns well done"
  • "A turkey club on toasted white bread or a grilled cheese and tomato on rye"
  • "Cheeseburger deluxe medium rare or turkey club with a side of disco fries"
  • "Chicken gyro with fries well done. Or sub a Greek salad for fries"
  • "Buffalo chicken wrap and French Fries"
  • "Pizza bagel or pizza burger with disco fries"

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