If someone from out of the state can only visit one town in New Jersey, which would you suggest? We did a poll and the results are in.

Beautiful New Jersey beach.
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We all love the Garden State and the many great towns all over it, but if you had to narrow it down to just one town to recommend to a tourist, which one would you choose?

That's the exact question we posed to New Jersey residents and you were not shy about your answers. We brought all the numbers of people in to do the tabulating, and we now have the results of the poll.

New Jersey statistics being tabulated.
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Which New Jersey Town Would You Recommend?

We didn't have the heart to only give one town, so we are going to celebrate the top three towns on the list.

This Is the way your votes landed on this poll. Here are your top four town recommendations for tourists to visit.

If You Could Only Visit One NJ Town This Summer, Where Should You Go?

#4 Point Pleasant Beach - The amazing boardwalk, the great restaurants, the thrilling boardwalk, and the wonderful aquarium attracted a lot of votes.

#3 Wildwood - It's a legendary town with all the ingredients to make incredible summer memories.

#2 Long Beach Island - One of the great family fun spots on the Jersey Shore . Incredible fun and gorgeous beaches.

The gorgeous town of Cape May (Google Maps)
Google Maps

#1 Cape May - It was never really in doubt. No other town was even close to getting as many votes as the quaint, unique, and stunning town of Cape May 

We got a ton of votes from our friends at Jersey Roots and we thank them for that.

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