The next time you go bra shopping and you feel like you're spending $10 million you're probably not, but you could be if you really wanted to.

Victoria's Secret is, of course, behind it again this year. It's the "Royal Fantasy Bra" and it was unveiled at Herald Square in New York City. The amazing bra was designed by jeweler Mouawad, according to

The middle of the bra is adorned with a 52 carat pear shaped ruby and it also contains over 4000 precious stones and is made of 18 K gold. Very shiny, and I'm sorry if I'm being a little critical here, but how much does this thing weigh? Doesn't sound convenient for an average workday. And if you're going to buy it and just leave it in the drawer, then what's the sense, right?

By the way, the bra showed up complete with two bodyguards. No word on if their services are included in the $10 million price tag.

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