The Monmouth County SPCA & MCSPCA Humane Law Enforcement Division are looking for whose responsible for leaving a dog and her 10 puppies sitting in filth at a home in Asbury Park.

(Photo Courtesy: The Monmouth County SPCA)
(Photo Courtesy: The Monmouth County SPCA)

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MC-SCPA officials said that another law enforcement agency was in the area on an unrelated matter looking for someone and happened to hear the cries fo the newborn puppies.

They then called the MC-SCPA to look into the matter.

The dog and her puppies were found in awful conditions in a tiny room of the house with no adequate food or water as the temperature rose towards 90-degrees which SCPA officials said "forced the young mom and her puppies to start eating pieces of a mattress and other debris in the urine and feces-covered room."

The dog and her puppies are being treated by the MC-SPCA, who says most of the pups "were severely dehydrated" and so all are being looked at by the veterinary staff.

"We've already identified intestinal parasites and will continue to monitor mom and her litter until they're in the clear and we can find a foster home."

As the dog and puppies are cleaned up and restored to full health, the MC-SCPA says you can find information, if interested in becoming their foster family, by emailing

"We're now seeking donations to help support the future of this family, as well as the hundreds of other animals we'll see this summer! We rely on your contributions so that we can always provide every single thing these abused and neglected animals need to thrive."

As for the investigation into who left these dogs to swelter in the heat while malnourished, that continues, and your help is needed.

"If anyone has any information on the owner of these dogs the area of Dewitt and Springwood Ave, please call our Humane Law Enforcement Department at 732-440-1539, as we intend to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law."

Video and pictures from the Monmouth County SPCA:

Puppies found in filth in Asbury Park home

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