We are a family with three dogs all adopted from a shelter. One of our dogs is very "special" because he has no hair and needs a lot of attention.

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Many of these dogs need that are up for adoption, need some extra loving. I will tell you, it's not that hard to give an old dog, a hair-less dog, or any adorable rescued dog love. You can truly see the amount of love a dog like our Henry (hair-less) can give you and after several years of having him, we see his hair growing back and we swear it's because of love. Patience and love are all these dogs or cats need.

I love helping dogs get adopted. This handsome boy is available for adoption through the Monmouth County SPCA and here is what they said about him on their Facebook page - LET'S GET BUDDY ADOPTED:

Buddy is 16-years-old.

Every time we see Buddy’s face perk up when a family walks by his kennel, it breaks our hearts Sadly, he’s had no takers yet, but we’re hoping his day will come very soon Buddy came to the shelter recently when his owner went into a nursing home and no other family members could take him. Buddy is a gentle old man who likes going for leisurely walks around our campus or just snoozing in a comfy bed Buddy has been around other dogs and cats and could possibly share his new home with some friends who are mellow and respectful like him Since Buddy is a bit older and may have trouble seeing and hearing sometimes, he’d do best with bigger, dog-savvy kids

Do you have room in your heart and home for a senior sweetheart like Buddy?
If you'd like to meet Buddy, click here. Monmouth County SPCA is located at 260 Wall Street, Eatontown, NJ, and is open for walk-ins.

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