Summertime in New Jersey means no school, kids are ready for some fun. Hot, hot days are coming and there's nothing better than to cool off at one of these "super fun" waterparks in New Jersey.

We do have a lot of fun things to do, especially in the summer. The beaches, boardwalk, parks, and waterparks. We have some of the best waterparks right here in our neck of the woods. Ocean County is home to several of the "best".

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It doesn't matter if it's a waterpark with only 2 waterslides, kids love waterparks. My 16-year-old loves them. She still has fun when she goes with her friends. Thanks to some of Abby's friends for helping me with this waterpark countdown.

kisgorcs, Getty Stock, ThinkStock
kisgorcs, Getty Stock, ThinkStock

I had so many emails from parents letting me know from their kids in Ocean County to help with the countdown. Thank you for the fabulous kids helping me with the 10 best waterparks in New Jersey. It was an easy topic and everyone loves a good waterpark.

My favorite thing at my favorite waterpark is the lazy river. Oh, I love it so much. On a hot day, is there anything better?

Ocean County kids let me know what their favorite waterpark is in New Jersey:

AJ - 12 years old - from Brick loves Hurricane Harbor

Stella and Ben - Stella is 8 years old and Ben is 2 years old - Stella is so excited to take her 2-year-old brother to Breakwater Beach this summer.

Landon and Kyle - twin boys 7 years old - S. Toms River love Sahara Sam's.

Here's a great list of the top 10 waterparks chosen by our kids and the countdown is on. From number 10 all the way to number 1 - the best waterparks in New Jersey. Let's go.

Top 10 Waterparks in New Jersey Picked By Kids

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