Starting this Wednesday, I will be hanging with you Monday through Friday from 10 AM until 3 PM. FYI: There is no need to contain your excitement. However, it probably works in your favor to get know a bit about the quirky, clumsy, yet very personable Nicole that will be joining you each and everyday. (Just so you know what you are in for) So here are ten fun facts about the one, the only, Nicole Murray.


  • 1

    I Have 5 Tattoos

    The rumor is true. Once you start, you cannot stop. I got my first tattoo when I was 18 years old and the rest is history. All of my tattoos have personal significance and of course I am ready to get more!

  • 2

    Coffee First

    Now I am sure a lot of you feel the same way as myself about this, but please oh please do not bring anything important to me until I have had time to sip my Iced Mocha Latte. The before and after effects are mind blowing.

  • 3

    I'm Pretty Competitive

    I grew up playing sports my entire life and with that came an undeniable drive to win. So whether it be a volleyball match, push up competition, or simple coin toss...I WILL WIN!

  • 4

    I Have Two Sisters

    I am the oldest of three girls in the family, so yes, our house has been pretty chaotic at times. My sisters and I have a relationship filled with typical girl fights, pranks, but of course love and affection. Only I can make fun of them and if you try to, run.

  • 5

    All Hail "The Walking Dead"

    I am obsessed with AMC's The Walking Dead so once October hits, prepare to discuss. And trust me, if Daryl dies, we riot!

  • 6

    My Nickname is Sleeping Beauty

    Ever since I was a baby, I was all about the Z's. Can live with it but can't live without it because when I am short on sleep for the week you will know immediately! I am cranky, illogical, and will probably be walking into walls. My longest sleep to date? 16 hours!

  • 7

    I Adore My Pets

    Within the Murray household, there is a dog named Atticus and a cat named Mustachio which I am 1000% sure you will hear about over time. They are both boys, they are both adorable, and they both are the bosses of the family.

  • 8

    I Love The Water

    I am a Pisces so naturally, near any body of water is where I belong whether it be to float or exercise. During the summertime, just put me near a pool, lake, bay, or ocean with a Pina Colada and I am a happy gal.

  • 9

    Disney Movies Will Never Get Old

    Disney movies are the epitome of my soul. My girlfriends and I dressed as the Disney princesses for Halloween and have spent countless nights in sweats tuning into yet another damsel in distress whose world was turned upside down by a handsome prince. If you say Little Mermaid, I will be over in two minutes flat.

  • 10

    I Am New To The Jersey Shore Area

    Originally, I am from Parsippany but now my home resides right here with you down at the Jersey Shore. Of course I have done mini getaways to Point Pleasant or Seaside, but now I need the low down of where to go and what is trending around here. Any tips? Don't hesitate to call in and let me know!

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