We're getting a little summer preview this week thanks to a cooperative Mother Nature, but soon enough summer will be here for real!

Here are 10 things you should do over the next few months to maximize your Jersey Shore summer!

  • 1

    Hit the beach

    I mean, really, do you need to be told to do this? Our beaches are beautiful, and sometimes there's nothing better than a little sun and sand therapy! (Bonus points if you get to each different beach in Monmouth and Ocean Counties!)

    Laurie Cataldo, Townsquare Media
  • 2

    Play mini golf

    I'm all for channeling your inner child, and nothing screams summer to me more than a round of mini golf! You don't need kids to play either -- pretend like you're back in high school, and make it a date night!

    Christa Brunt, Thinkstock
  • 3

    Eat dinner on the water

    We have so many incredible restaurants here at the Jersey Shore. Whether you want something super casual, or a more high-end experience, you just can't beat the view that comes from a waterfront eatery!

    Laurie Cataldo
  • 4

    Watch an outdoor concert

    Whether it's a mega-festival on the beach, or an amateur show in one of our local parks...there's something extra fun about seeing live music in the open air!

    Laurie Cataldo, Townsquare Media
  • 5

    Win a prize from a boardwalk game

    Whether you can pull some kind of Jedi mind trick on a claw machine, get super lucky on a spinning prize wheel, or are a ring toss champion...there are few better ego boosts than beating the game and winning a prize!

    Jose Gil, Thinkstock
  • 6

    Visit Great Adventure

    Head inland for some of the best rides and rollercoasters in the country! I always loved going on a slightly cloudy day, with maybe a chance for some passing showers, which meant the rides would stay open but the lines would be WAY shorter!

    (photo: Six Flags Great Adventure)
  • 7

    Watch a Blueclaws game

    If you've never checked out a Lakewood Blueclaws game at First Energy Park, now's the time! There's not a bad seat in the park, and it's great for kids AND adults. (Plus, everything is WAY cheaper in the minor leagues!)

    FirstEnergy Park, home of the Lakewood BlueClaws (Lou Russo, Townsquare Media)
  • 8

    Eat all the ice creams!

    Summer is ice cream season, and there are some AMAZING local ice cream parlors in our area...try to hit as many as you can and find your favorite. (If you need some suggestions on where to start, click HERE.)

  • 9

    Go JerseyFresh

    Jersey farms produce some of the best fruits and veggies you'll ever taste. There's nothing better than fresh Jersey corn, tomatoes, peaches, strawberries, blueberries...need I go on?

    Joost J. Bakker, Flickr
  • 10

    Snack on boardwalk treats!

    There are certain foods you can only seem to get in the summer. From zeppoles to fried Oreos, to sandwiches at Seaside's Midway and fresh lemonade at Jenks...everyone has a favorite boardwalk treat! Discover yours this summer, and enjoy it while you can!

    Laurie Cataldo