Spring is here at the Jersey Shore, and while we're all in a good mood, we wanted to know what you think the best thing about New Jersey is.

Spring in New Jersey
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We wanted to be very strategic when we asked you this question. if you ask New Jersey, residents, what their favorite thing about New Jersey is in February, you'll get answers like "Florida: or "anyplace else".

But now that spring has sprung, and the greatest part of the year here at the Jersey Shore has arrived, we thought the mood would be festive, and we were right, for the most part.

New Jersey Offers A Lot Of Things To Love

The question was pretty simple. If someone out of state asked you what the best thing is about New Jersey, what would you say?

New Jersey beaches
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As you can imagine, we did get our share of "moving out" and "I can leave whenever I want" replies, and they made us chuckle, but there were some great answers that we saw frequently, too.

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Here are some of our favorites, and they are just some of the reasons we love the Garden State so much.

The Best Things About New Jersey According To You

Long Beach Island. We got a ton of beach answers, and the one that seemed to get more comments than any other is the beloved LBI.

The beaches of LBI in New Jersey (Shawn Michaels)
Shawn Michaels

The Amazing New Jersey Food. Most of us can not get enough of the amazing variety and quality of the food here in the Garden State.

Memories. There is such a connection between New Jersey residents of today, and all the great memories we have about years gone by in the Garden State.

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