A major food publication has announced the most interesting restaurant in every state in America. Let's see if you've ever been to New Jersey's choice.

If you think about all the adjectives one might use to describe a fantastic restaurant or great meal, the word "interesting" might not be the first that comes to mind.

Interesting Is An Interesting Word Choice

Imagine if you created a great meal for family and friends, and you asked them what they thought of it.

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If they told you it was interesting, they might not be invited back for a while. But that's not the kind of interesting we're talking about in this instance.

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When the well-respected folks at Lovefood made a list of the most interesting restaurants in each state, they had a specific meaning for the word interesting in mind.

New Jersey Has An Amazing And Interesting Choice

What these experts are referring to is a unique dining experience, the kind of experience that you can't get at any other restaurant in that state.

Here in New Jersey, there is a great restaurant that is a perfect choice to hold the honor of most interesting in the state, and that's the eatery the experts gave the crown to.

New Jersey's most interesting restaurant is the well-known Medieval Times in Lyndhurst, and if you've never been there, pack the family in the car and get there soon.

Experience the majesty, the history, and the feat that only Medieval Times can offer. They are located at 149 Polito Ave. in Lyndhurst.

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