Some of America's most respected food experts have chosen the best place to get breakfast in New Jersey.

You know what grown-ups have been telling you your whole life. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

New Jersey Serves Some Of The Best Breakfasts In The Country

We pride ourselves in New Jersey on the quality of the food served to us by all the great restaurants in our state, and the breakfast fare is no exception.

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Some of the most well-respected food experts around, the fine folks at Food & Wine checked in on some of the best places to get breakfast in America, and they have recommendations for residents of every state.

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When foodies of this stature name a restaurant that stands out to them, we all take notice, and they make some great suggestions for an awesome New Jersey breakfast.

Here Is The Experts' Choice For Best Breakfast In New Jersey

It seems that their top Garden State breakfast stop is one of the most legendary diners in New Jersey.

We are talking about the famous Tops Diner in East Newark. This incredible establishment got it all started way back in 1942.

Generations of New Jersey residents have been heading to Tops and swear by it, and with good reason. It's one of the best diners in the diner capital of the world.

NJ Has Other Great Breakfast Places, Too

We also want to show respect for a couple of other New Jersey breakfast spots the experts mentioned. Congratulations to Texeira's Bakery and Sri Dosa Place for being on the breakfast radar.

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