New Jersey is among the states with the best Italian food in America, and now you have voted for the best Italian restaurant in the Garden State.

The best Italian food in New Jersey is a very tricky topic for two reasons. First, we have so many great Italian restaurants in the Garden State.

The Best Italian Restaurant In New Jersey Is Quite An Honor

Secondly, our opinions are always changing. So, we look at the results of an unscientific poll like this as less of a permanent title and more of a strong suggestion to all the Italian food lovers in New Jersey.

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There are 100 polls on the best Italian restaurant in New Jersey, including this one, so just start to form an Italian food bucket list. Your stomach will love you for it.

On to the current poll. We asked New Jersey residents which restaurant in New Jersey has the best Italian food, and the results are in.

You're Votes Are In And Here's The Winner

For this survey, our winner comes out of legendary Asbury Park, and we congratulate Jimmy's Italian Restaurant.

Jimmy's is legendary in its own right. The Marrucca family opened this great restaurant in 1982, and we've been loving it ever since.

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If you have never had the pleasure of dining at this amazing establishment, then you have to put Jimmy's on your bucket list. They are located at 1405 Asbury Ave in Asbury Park, and it's a dining experience you don't want to miss.

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