If you are struggling to pay for everything, one store is lowering prices amid prices seemingly skyrocketing costs almost everywhere else.

If you are looking for a break at the register, Aldi may be your best bet for your shopping needs.

Many Aldi Items Are Reduced In Price

They have announced in a press release that they are dropping prices on over 250 items. The price cuts represent nearly double the savings from last year.

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According to Aldi, this set of price reductions will represent 100 million dollars by Labor Day.

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Things have been tough on New Jersey residents over the past couple of years, and the opportunity to save on family necessities is a welcome one.

The Aldi Price Saving Vow

The latest Aldi price reduction is part of the chain's promise to reduce prices, a vow made a year ago.

The list of items that will get price reductions throughout the summer includes seasonal necessities, like food for the grill and fruit.

It's nice to know that if you want to get together with family and friends this summer for a barbecue, there is a place that isn't going to hit your wallet so hard.

The Economy Has Hit New Jersey Residents Hard

Many New Jersey residents live paycheck to paycheck, and any relief from the high and relentless bills that seem to be around every corner is a welcome bit of relief.

Keep your eyes open for more Aldi locations to be popping up. The company expects to add 800 stores over the next 5 years.

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